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Spin Master Present Pets - Light Up Unicorn

Spin Master Present Pets - Light Up Unicorn

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INTERACTIVE SELF-UNBOXING UNICORN TOY: Your exclusive unicorn is so excited to meet you, her legs move and horn glows as she unboxes herself! Unwrap the box, pull the tag and your unicorn comes to life! EXCLUSIVE UNICORN WITH LIGHT-UP HORN: It’s a surprise who’s inside – Moonbeam or Twinkle! Each unicorn has a bonus comb, light-up horn, glittery tiara, a colorful mane and tail, and golden hooves!PLAY 2 NEW GAMES: In the Wish Game, your unicorn’s horn flashes a color 3 times – pat above her nose to catch the color and make a wish! In Night Glow, she plays a lullaby as her horn glows rainbow colors!OVER 100 SOUNDS AND ACTIONS: Discover your new unicorn’s playful personality! She makes nuzzling sounds when you pet her gently, stomps excitedly when you pat her quickly, can do an instant trick and more!PERFECT GIFTS FOR 5 YEAR OLD GIRLS AND UP: Present Pets surprise toys for kids (each sold separately) are great gifts for girls. Includes 6 AAA Duracell batteries. Which pet will present itself to you.

Includes: 1 Present Pet, 1 Comb, 1 Unboxing Guide, 1 Instruction Guide

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